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When m’colleague Daniel Oliver and I came up with the idea of celebrating an era of British acting that straddled the 60s and 70s, we discussed just where this era would begin. Was there some moment in British cinema his...
Lewis Collins

Lewis Collins

LEWIS COLLINS by Nicholas Hughes “MEN WANT TO BE HIM, WOMEN WANT TO BE WITH HIM!” Correction. “BOYS WANT TO BE HIM, WOMEN WANT TO BE WITH HIM!” In 1978, every boy in the UK wanted to be like Lewis Collins. If he didn’t, ...

The Actor

This week, our modest heroes consider a serious committment to Mac… [ahem], “the Scottish play”. Here at Rhubba we only work with very serious and committed people! Recorded by Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studio...
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See You In Hell!

…we could meet up for coffee and biscuits. Barry Hill: Stuart Morrison Dr Skorpios: Nicholas Hughes Beryl Hill: Sarah Niven Demon: Nick Jarvie Recorded by Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studios
Bess Brown Musket

Blog New World

Blog New World So the Chinese reckon they invented golf do they? Every so often they claim to have invented something 2000 years before the rest of us: This week it’s golf, last time it was football, then compass n...
Captains Log

Blog Jammin’

BLOG JAMMIN’ I have a confession to make, Rhubba fans…I have a weakness for a French radio station. I first discovered Nostalgie when on honeymoon in France last October and it is a station dedicated to the h...

Taking the…

One room. One challenge. One winner. Two contestants. Multiple explanations. Written and directed by Kevin Chapman