Chip off the old blog

Greetings. Sorry things have been delayed but I’ve been on my deathbed for the last couple of weeks. I thought I had Lympkin’s Non-Attenuated Pulminary Phage but it turned out to be a cold. Apparently the symptoms of both are very similar.

Anyway, I came up with an idea for a business. Why should the 18-30’s have all the fun getting drunk, starting fights and trying to score with a girl who’s got very little self esteem in some Mediterranean hang-out? What about your over 50 crowd? Why should age be a barrier to getting drunk, vomiting and showing your tits?

That’s when I came up with the idea for PAGGA holidays; where oldies can misbehave, start fights and lie in a gutter in their own pee. PAGGA offers cheap as giro cheque flights to Cyprus, Cos, Ibiza….heck, you don’t care WHERE you go as long as there’s booze, women and sun.

And don’t think this is just for the boys, oh no. The ladies can have fun too! Just because you’re now on your own since the children have left for college and your ex-husband is now either with a younger woman or is a woman himself, doesn’t mean you can’t whip your top off and show your breasts to a total stranger you’ve just met….word of advice, hold the cameras longways so they can get your breasts in the shot and not cut off at the waist.

PAGGA holidays: We promise we WON’T keep the noise down.

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