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Nick’s analysis of the James Bond series continues with YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE (1967) You Only Live Twice, the 5th EON produced James Bond movie, was the winner in a 1967 pissing up the wall contest.  Seriously, crude...
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Sir Roger Blog

With Sir Roger Moore’s passing, lots of people (especially in the media) are paying tribute to him and indeed re-evaluating his career and tenure as James Bond.  As I am (slowly) sharing my thoughts and analysis of...


When I went to see SPECTRE at the cinema, people asked me what I thought about it. My immediate reply was that “it was like Thunderball”.  Some got the reference, others didn’t.  It’s not a about the obvious resemblances...
No, Mr Hughes, I expect you to diet.


  NICK LOOKS IN DEPTH AT “GOLDFINGER”. At this point in my analysis of what makes James Bond movies so great, I want you to hold a thought…not just for this article but for the remainder of the series. O...


Part 2 of my meta-textural and overly indulgent review of the James Bond movies. FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE There are those who maintain that “From Russia With Love” is the best James Bond film of them all.  The reasons usual...
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Doctor Blog

Nick’s dissection of the James Bond movies continues. Doctor No in one word?  Lush.  It’s a fantastic film to look at, visually.  The richness of the colour photography is a sight to behold and we’re essentially talking ...


Those of you who know me know that I’m a huge fan of James Bond:  The movies, the books and the icon that the character is.  In fan culture, it’s the sci-fi/fantasy crowd that hog the attention.  Is Star Wars better than...
Lewis Collins

Lewis Collins

LEWIS COLLINS by Nicholas Hughes “MEN WANT TO BE HIM, WOMEN WANT TO BE WITH HIM!” Correction. “BOYS WANT TO BE HIM, WOMEN WANT TO BE WITH HIM!” In 1978, every boy in the UK wanted to be like Lewis Collins. If he didn’t, ...
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See You In Hell!

…we could meet up for coffee and biscuits. Barry Hill: Stuart Morrison Dr Skorpios: Nicholas Hughes Beryl Hill: Sarah Niven Demon: Nick Jarvie Recorded by Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studios