Would you like to donate and support independent British comedy on the internet? Here’s how (and why)… is committed to making quality comedy to a high standard. All our actors, crew and personnel are trained professionals in their field and we make our sketches to broadcast standard. We believe that quality enhances the comedy and enables us to do more adventurous and impressive work. It certainly has brought us critical praise from viewers and fellow broadcasters.

As you may have guessed, this doesn’t come cheap. As well as hire of equipment and talent, there’s also website running costs. Our productions have to be insured, locations have to be hired and a small army of actors and technicians need to be transported and fed during a film shoot. After filming, there’s post production costs such as hiring an editor and suite, producing the footage to be streamed online, music rights, promotional materials and copies of the finished product which are part of the budget.

The good news is that we’re very good at getting the most out of our budgets. By using the internet and bypassing the need for large production companies we can keep costs under control. However, the amount we can produce is linked to the money we can raise and that’s where you can help.

You can make one off or regular donations to Rhubba. By becoming a Rhubba member by paying an annual subscription fee, you can get access to extra sketches, behind the scenes material, commentaries, deleted scenes and outtakes as well as a monthly e-newsletter. If you fancy, you can make a one off donation and be entered on the Hall of Heroes: Our special tribute page to our donors. By paying a bit extra, you can even get a title or a mention on the credits of a future production.

Also, keep a look out for our crowd funding projects and donate to them. We’ll keep you posted on new and current campaigns and tell you how to support our work and get some cool stuff as well.

We can make every donation you make count towards something great so please come and be one of our supporters.

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