About Us

Welcome to Rhubba; it’s comedy, it’s British and it’s on the internet.

We write and produce our own original comedy material from filmed sketches, audio and blogs. We’re also one of the most established and longest running independent comedy websites…IN THE WORLD!

Click on movies to take you to one of our filmed sketches or short films. I exploited many talented people to make them by the sweat of their brow, so it’d really crush them and me if you didn’t view at least all of them.

Or if you’re busy looking at other stuff on the net (hey, I’m not judging) why not accompany your browsing with one of our audio sketches and let your imagination fill in the visual details.

We have a blog because, let’s face it, they’re so now and it fills in time whilst we go off and film new material.

Finally, Contact us will enable you to do just that. That link again, contact us. It’ll let you send messages of praise but that’s not all. Maybe you want to advertise your company or services with us…just drop us a line! Anyway, enough welcoming, enter the wonderful world of Rhubba and enjoy!……….Or not

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