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Jeremy Corblog

New Labour leader…that’s ‘new’ Labour leader, not New Labour leader or new New Labour leader…Jeremy Corbyn took some time to appoint a Shadow Defence Secretary today.  Apparently he found it...

Afrika Blog

There’s something about the German Afrika Korps of WW2 that puts them apart from the rest of the Third Reich.  They’re like Nazi-lite, low fat National Socialists, diet totalitarianism.  You don’t see t...


OK everyone, I’m afraid this is going to be a blog post on a niche hobby interest so all of you who visit for the film talk and to gawp at pictures of Judy Geeson, you might want to step away now… Let’s...
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Never bring a bit of emotional baggage into a combat zone. Corporal Troy: Nicholas Hughes Lieutenant: Nick Jarvie Recorded by Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studios

The Blog Is Back In Town

What would be your reaction if I said the word “bulge”? OK, let that reaction sink in…OK, now let me explain. This morning I was having thoughts on the Battle of the Bulge. (Hang on, I’ve just rea...