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Like most children, I had some bogeymen and terrifying characters that scared me whilst I was growing up. However, the ones that really scared me weren’t Daleks, Cybermen, Trolls, giant spiders or other such mythical bea...
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Nick’s dissection of the James Bond movies continues. Doctor No in one word?  Lush.  It’s a fantastic film to look at, visually.  The richness of the colour photography is a sight to behold and we’re essentially talking ...


THE FLARE PLAYERS AND TV VIOLENCE By Nicholas Hughes April 11th 1969. Hog waits for Spicer to show his big, ugly mug at the nightclub. He waits in the shadows, holding bottle of clear liquid that clearly isn’t water…if y...

Police Interrogation

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but more words from this guy will make you want to kill! Troy: Nicholas Hughes Detective: Nick Jarvie Recorded by Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studios
The indescribable thinng

The Indescribable Thing

Rhubba is now accepting applicants for the recently vacated post of “Strapline Writer”     Paxton: Stuart Packer Collings: Tim Gambrell Dunst: James Price Written by Daniel Oliver Directed by Nick Hughes Record...