In one of the least surprising revelations you’ll hear, yes, I am a Doctor Who fan.  Recently there’s this Doctor Who tag going around the internet where fans discuss their favourite bits of the show and alth...

The Indescribable Thing

Rhubba is now accepting applicants for the recently vacated post of “Strapline Writer”     Paxton: Stuart Packer Collings: Tim Gambrell Dunst: James Price Written by Daniel Oliver Directed by Nick Hughes Record...
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See You In Hell!

…we could meet up for coffee and biscuits. Barry Hill: Stuart Morrison Dr Skorpios: Nicholas Hughes Beryl Hill: Sarah Niven Demon: Nick Jarvie Recorded by Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studios
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It’s about….”womens’ things” Doctor: Rebecca Wingate Miss Ford: Laura Waddell Engineer: Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studios


Tackling the serious issues in life! In this weeks episode we’re looking at ASS.