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THE FLARE PLAYERS AND TV VIOLENCE By Nicholas Hughes April 11th 1969. Hog waits for Spicer to show his big, ugly mug at the nightclub. He waits in the shadows, holding bottle of clear liquid that clearly isn’t water…if y...

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A HISTORY OF MY WORLD IN 100 OBJECTS A SILVER MUG WITH “PIKE’S PEAK: 14,110 feet” ENSCRIBED ON IT. This mug has special significance for me in many ways. I’ve never drunk out of it and it’s ...


Those of you who know me know that I’m a huge fan of James Bond:  The movies, the books and the icon that the character is.  In fan culture, it’s the sci-fi/fantasy crowd that hog the attention.  Is Star Wars better than...

5-0 Blogwash

So you’re in charge of a sports team that’s just lost a match or isn’t doing well in general.  What do you do?  Well, here are my top 5 tips: 1.  IGNORE THE PRESS Sports journalists are not the kind of ...

The Blogger’s Tale

Here’s some recently discovered lines that have been attributed to Geoffrey Chaucer. Now we can be sure who first came up with the “Farter’s Rhyme”:   “And ’twas he whom doth smel...
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I’ve realised for some time that I need a hit Television series idea. Of course my main one, mainly turning this site into a weekly sketch comedy show, seems to be too good for mainstream TV being that I’ve a...
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It’s about what you saw and heard, not about you and your ex. Troy: Nick Hughes Reporter: Nick Jarvie Recorded by Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studios

Michael York

MICHAEL YORK by Nicholas Hughes Soho, 1970. Assembled in one of the more prominent British film industry buildings are the best young actors the UK has ever produced. Anthony Hopkins is entertaining Ian Ogilvy and Timoth...

Police Interrogation

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but more words from this guy will make you want to kill! Troy: Nicholas Hughes Detective: Nick Jarvie Recorded by Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studios
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Never bring a bit of emotional baggage into a combat zone. Corporal Troy: Nicholas Hughes Lieutenant: Nick Jarvie Recorded by Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studios