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This hasn’t been an easy time for me, to be frank.  A lot of it has been fruitful from the point of view of family:  My sons are increasingly taking an interest in exactly the same things that I liked when I was th...
No, Mr Hughes, I expect you to diet.


  NICK LOOKS IN DEPTH AT “GOLDFINGER”. At this point in my analysis of what makes James Bond movies so great, I want you to hold a thought…not just for this article but for the remainder of the series. O...
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New Labour leader…that’s ‘new’ Labour leader, not New Labour leader or new New Labour leader…Jeremy Corbyn took some time to appoint a Shadow Defence Secretary today.  Apparently he found it...
Captains Log

Blog Gear: Addendum

I’m probably going to stir up a whole heap of trouble for myself in revisiting this topic, but since I posted my initial thoughts on the Jeremy Clarkson/Oisin Tymon “fracas” last week I’ve receive...
Lunch 43

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Do you want to know the quickest and easiest way to start a fight on a film or TV set?  Muck about with the catering. Catering is the lynch pin on which all productions hinge on.  Sure, it helps to have a fabulous set, a...
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For years I’ve been railing against the injustice in my mind that Terms of Endearment beat The Right Stuff to win the Academy Award for best movie in 1983.  Sure, I’ve also railed against the injustice that T...


A HISTORY OF MY WORLD IN 100 OBJECTS: #4  REPLICA STAR TREK PHASER The Phaser, weapon of the future. You can stun with it. I bought this “toy” back in the 1990s and I have to say as far as children’s playthings go, it lo...


This is to illustrate the increasingly annoying trend of people using Facebook to just use memes and clickbait to speak for them instead of sharing their own ideas.
Image: The Gallifreyan Gazette.


In one of the least surprising revelations you’ll hear, yes, I am a Doctor Who fan.  Recently there’s this Doctor Who tag going around the internet where fans discuss their favourite bits of the show and alth...