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It’s about what you saw and heard, not about you and your ex. Troy: Nick Hughes Reporter: Nick Jarvie Recorded by Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studios

Michael York

MICHAEL YORK by Nicholas Hughes Soho, 1970. Assembled in one of the more prominent British film industry buildings are the best young actors the UK has ever produced. Anthony Hopkins is entertaining Ian Ogilvy and Timoth...

Police Interrogation

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but more words from this guy will make you want to kill! Troy: Nicholas Hughes Detective: Nick Jarvie Recorded by Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studios
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Never bring a bit of emotional baggage into a combat zone. Corporal Troy: Nicholas Hughes Lieutenant: Nick Jarvie Recorded by Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studios
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Communist Blog

July 16th 1937, 3 ships set off from Murmansk in the Baltic Sea; their official mission is to deliver agricultural machinery to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The real reason for this voyage is known only by 3 men, one of them Jo...
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Let It Blog

I really hate lazy journalism….. I mean the style of reporting, mainly in TV news, where the reporter just relies on cliches, stereotypes and whatever he or she can glean from a press handout instead of actually re...

Pamela Franklin

PAMELA FRANKLIN BY DANIEL OLIVER It’s often been observed how British film-makers routinely waste their best actresses. In which case, Pamela Franklin can count herself extremely lucky. As if sensing in advance how...


  Judy Geeson By Daniel Oliver “For weeks I had hunted this girl, tracking her movements among the cafes, bars and nightclubs of Swinging London. Now at last I had her cornered in a small drinking booth in the Infer...