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Nicky Henson 2

Nicky Henson

  by DANIEL OLIVER “O.K. I want long hair, I want cocky, I want leathers. I want the man most likely to get my daughter up the duff. There’s only one guy in the frame here, and as luck would have it, he’...


Tackling the serious issues in life! In this weeks episode we’re looking at ASS.
Judi Bowker 4

Judi Bowker

JUDI BOWKER by NICHOLAS HUGHES When I was growing up in the 1970’s and Saturday TV in the daytime meant watching The Flashing Blade or Swap Shop and drooling over Action Man adverts, my boys’ own junior machi...
Michael York as Logan 5

Who Are The Flare Players?

by DANIEL OLIVER ‘Who are they?’ I hear you all ask, crowds now swarming forward with an insatiable hunger to learn more. Well, I’ll tell you. The Flare Players were a loose collection of British acting...
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For Christmas I was given a fitness DVD. Not just any fitness DVD with celebrities, fads and patronising left, right and centre. This one appealed to me right from the word go…. “TOTAL FITNESS” Notice t...