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Here’s my random thought for the day; have you ever noticed how in a 70’s disaster movie, it’s always Robert Wagner’s fault? Who installed the dodgy wiring that caused the fire? Who cut back on th...

The Stepford Blogs

So here’s my problem with the whole Stepford saga… “You see, Alan, what we do is eliminate your wife and replace her with a perfect robot replica. One that is completely submissive and obedient to you.&...
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It is a moment of joy when us lowly FTP contraptions has the honor of uploading yet another gem of a radio sketch! Usually, with the Rhubba honchos it´s a daily grind of downloading porn and then more porn and so on 🙁 Wr...
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Dating Agency

The last eligible man on Earth is finally about to meet his soul mate, no thanks to the Date-O-Tron 500! Hugh: Stuart Packer Tony: Stuart Morrison Written by: Nicholas Hughes Engineer: Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studios

Before I kill you, Mr Blog

So, I’m back after seeing “Skyfall”. I always knew it was going to be good. It’s the 3rd Daniel Craig Bond movie and the rule is that the third movie a Bond actor does is the defining one of their era: Goldfinger, The Sp...

Nicky Henson

  by DANIEL OLIVER “O.K. I want long hair, I want cocky, I want leathers. I want the man most likely to get my daughter up the duff. There’s only one guy in the frame here, and as luck would have it, he’...


Tackling the serious issues in life! In this weeks episode we’re looking at ASS.