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Here’s my random thought for the day; have you ever noticed how in a 70’s disaster movie, it’s always Robert Wagner’s fault? Who installed the dodgy wiring that caused the fire? Who cut back on the safety features on the plane? Who’s planning to rob a bank during a meteor storm? Who imported the rotten fruit that caused a swarm of killer bees to infest America? It’s always Robert Wagner.

“Chief…I don’t understand it…I’m detecting a seismic shock that’s way off the scale…that’s unheard of at this time and in this location!”

“WAGNERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Oooh, when I get my hands on him!”

Robert Wagner, every time! And even if you don’t actually see Robert Wagner in the list of credits, that’s because he’s wearing a Richard Chamberlain mask for that movie!

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