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Patrick Mower 2


PATRICK MOWER By DANIEL OLIVER 1973: a decisive time in the men’s fragrance market. Bass noted musk, the disposable cartridge safety razor, soap-on-a-rope. There is everything to play for. But one man alone holds t...
Michael Billington 3

The Men Who Would Be Bond

By NICHOLAS HUGHES “To look for a new James Bond is one of the most impossible jobs in the entire world”. These are the words of Debbie McWilliams, the head casting agent for the Bond movies. It has always been thus. The...
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It’s about….”womens’ things” Doctor: Rebecca Wingate Miss Ford: Laura Waddell Engineer: Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studios
Captains Log

Blog Beauty

Women, eh? Women, eh? What do you do about them? What doooooooooo you do about them? Wifey is on at me these days about my hand gestures. What’s that about? Apparently, she objects to me doing “camp handsR...
Nick Hughes

Blog’s Your Uncle

Ugh, still got a cold but at least I’m not claiming it’s flu, unlike 90% of men in my position. Anyway, last night I took some flu capsules (what? What? You can still take flu capsules even with a cold, you k...
Chip off block

Blog on Blog

Here’s my random thought for the day; have you ever noticed how in a 70’s disaster movie, it’s always Robert Wagner’s fault? Who installed the dodgy wiring that caused the fire? Who cut back on th...
Nick Hughes

The Stepford Blogs

So here’s my problem with the whole Stepford saga… “You see, Alan, what we do is eliminate your wife and replace her with a perfect robot replica. One that is completely submissive and obedient to you.&...