Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, MP, called for a chance to reverse the Brexit decision using the old park football rule “next goal wins”.

“Right, we’ll start again and whoever gets the next goal wins” said the LibDem leader, who was in a defiant mood.  “It’s only fair for the British people to consider the implications of leaving the EU so I suggest a kick about in the park, whoever gets the next goal is the winner and we’ll pick teams starting with me…I pick Diego Costa and Sergio Aguero; it’s only fair I have two picks to start off with considering the long term damage Brexit will cause.”

When asked what would he do if Remain lost the kickabout, Farron responded “we’ll say ‘best out of three’.  Obviously the first referendum has to be declared null and void because the British people didn’t know what they were thinking but we’ll have best out of three, and if that doesn’t work, a round robin style tournament with 3 points for a win….” before he trailed off pondering other types of competitions.  He finished off by saying “as long as we get the result we want, I don’t mind if it comes down to a Lovely Legs contest.”


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