The indescribable thinng

The Indescribable Thing

Rhubba is now accepting applicants for the recently vacated post of “Strapline Writer”     Paxton: Stuart Packer Collings: Tim Gambrell Dunst: James Price Written by Daniel Oliver Directed by Nick Hughes Record...

The Blog Is Back In Town

What would be your reaction if I said the word “bulge”? OK, let that reaction sink in…OK, now let me explain. This morning I was having thoughts on the Battle of the Bulge. (Hang on, I’ve just rea...

Blog Roll

, BLOG ROLL I was chatting to someone today about one of my movies; “Pissing With Confidence” (If you haven’t seen it, why not? Now go to “films”, click on it and watch it. I’ll still ...

The Actor

This week, our modest heroes consider a serious committment to Mac… [ahem], “the Scottish play”. Here at Rhubba we only work with very serious and committed people! Recorded by Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studio...
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See You In Hell!

…we could meet up for coffee and biscuits. Barry Hill: Stuart Morrison Dr Skorpios: Nicholas Hughes Beryl Hill: Sarah Niven Demon: Nick Jarvie Recorded by Stefan Inglis at Antenna Studios

Taking the…

One room. One challenge. One winner. Two contestants. Multiple explanations. Written and directed by Kevin Chapman