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All across the United Kingdom, millions of Britons cast their votes for the U.S. Presidential election by going online and making their opinions known on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Just after 8am GMT well known British satirist and writer, Armando Iannucci, Tweeted on his iphone that “Go out and vote Trump away” presumably to any undecided American followers.  By mid-day millions of Britons waded in on the topic and cast their opinions in what looks to be a record turn out of foreign commentators on American politics.

“What happens in America affects everyone in the world” said Jasmine Cleary, 23, from London in an attempt to justify her tirade against Trump voters on Facebook this lunchtime.  “So I feel I must share my opinion to everyone on my feed and, hopefully, it’ll get shared around so that everyone in America can read it.  If it changes the vote of just one person…” it didn’t, but received 7 “likes” from her online friends…all of whom are British as well.

Analysts are predicting that Hillary Clinton will take the United Kingdom online opinion by a landslide.  It will, however, count for dick in the actual election.

It is estimated that the UK will suffer a severe loss in work hours as people tweet and message each other throughout the day in the belief that Americans care what they think about the election.  At some point, Brexit will be blamed.

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