A little backstory here.  In the run-up to the U.S. Presidential election I wrote two pieces; one if Trump had won (the Deplorables 1-0 Corruptibles article) and one if Hillary had won.  I present this, the one that I wrote about her.

Americans have voted to start a war with Russia by voting for Hillary Clinton over the possibility of war with China and Mexico under Donald Trump.

Many voters felt that the tried and tested idea of squaring off against Russia was preferable to a war with China and Mexico and the unpredictability associated with a war on two fronts.

“No one has more experience at baiting the Russians than Hillary Clinton” said Democrat voter Russ Verdechhi, 28, from New York.  “With so much in the world in turmoil, I think the stability and continuity that comes with a war with Russia…our traditional enemy…is preferable to voting in someone who is a sex pest, authoritarian and wants war with a country we’ve never been to war with before.”

Student activist Susan Carne, from Berkley California, echoed the sentiment “Hillary stands for women’s rights, for LGBT rights, for Black Lives Matter and for Global Thermonuclear War with Russia.  I’m with her!  Nuke the Ruskies!”

Other Democrat voters were more circumspect:  “It doesn’t do America any good by declaring war on Mexico…we should be helping them and trying to work out a workable immigration policy.  However, the Russians…we need to enforce a no-fly zone in Syria and shoot down Russian planes. no matter what the consequences of that might be.

President-elect Clinton addressed a crowd of supporters saying “if Putin even looks at us funny, we will consider that to be the same as a military attack on our soil!”

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